Jun 28, 2006

The results are in!!

I passed!!!!

I can't even express how relieved I am.

I'm gonna go have a NCLEX guide bonfire now.

Thanks Ya'll for your support and good wishes.

More good news today...My little niece was born this afternoon.

Welcome Briana Ashlynn!

Jun 27, 2006

Take the NCLEX....Check

Well it's done.

It shut off at 75 questions. For ya'll already educated in how the NCLEX works, that could mean I did really good or really bad. I either proved my competency by the minimum 75th question or proved my incompetency.

I feel awful...There were drugs I never heard of.....4 right answers.....more educated guessing then I would have liked. Too many Cardiac questions....I hate Cardiac!

To celebrate it being over (I hope) me and Ari grabbed some pizza at our favorite dine-in Pizza joint that has little flat screen TVs at every booth. She loves that place. Got me some Gelato afterward as well.

Nothing like drowning your worries in Gelato. Or maybe your triumphs. (Fingers crossed)

I'll post on Wednesday and let you know whether or not I passed or failed. I know at this point I can't honestly say I feel confident either way.

That test was soooooo HARD!

Listening to: Jamaica Inn by Tori Amos

Jun 24, 2006

Success or Failure

(I'm Artistically disabled)

I'm posting this for all the students I know occasionally read this blog.
I've been studying my big tail off this past week for the
I'm using 2 methods.
The Kaplan, for which I paid $350 for the online quizzers, the 4 day course and book.
Also I'm using the
Saunders, which cost me $50 at Barnes and noble and came with a CD with a study guide and quizzer.

Now According tothe Kaplan, I'm doing TERRIBLE. I'm passing the quizzes at 60-70%. (Still passing in the NCLEX world)
According to the Saunders, I'm doing FABULOUS, passing the quizzes at about 85-90% rate.

So how do I judge how prepared I am for the boards?

Not that it actually matters, I will not re-schedule again. I am taking this thing come hell and high water and no entity on earth will keep me from getting this thing over with.

Now going by websites and hearsay, I have heard that the Saunders was a better way to study for the boards. I regret giving my money to Kaplan. (
see previous post)

The Saunders quizzes make more sense, the ones I get wrong make sense after reading the explanation.

The Kaplan ones I get wrong, I could argue and win and I don't think their methods of "testing strategy" alone is gonna get me to pass. You still have to have that knowledge.

So anyhoo, that's my vent. I'm sure I'll be fine. I'm not panicking .....Yet.

After all, No one from my graduating class has failed yet, even the handful I thought might fail has already sent out the announcement that they have passed. I had better grades then them.
The odds are in my favor, right?

Listening to: KT Tungstall "Black Horse and a Cherry Tree"

Jun 14, 2006


It's been crazy!
I've moved in...Almost done unpacking.
I'm studying for the boards, I have hours and hours of online-unit-specific-competency exams to complete.
I start making the big bucks this week.
That's good because...I owe I owe.... So it's off to work I go.

My A/C's not working too well. I leave it on 75 during the day and night and it won't get down past 80 during the day. I HATE 80!
It's been in the high 90s all week and I just can't stand it.
I get REALLY irritable and mean when I'm hot.
Stupid A/C guy came and left without doing any work today!
He came early when I was in the shower. Ari let him in (EEK, I know...I lectured her about that afterward) and came and told me he was here. I came out and he was gone.
I got ahold of him 5 hours later and he said "it felt cool so he left thinking he had the wrong place"
What?! Idiot

My mom's freaking me out and acting really weird. She's drinking a lot with some pills.....now there's some drama with a local man...I'm not gonna get into that one here.
Suffice it to say....I won't be trusting her to watch my daughter for me on the weekends I work next month. Which leaves me in quite a pickle as there aren't too many options for me on a weekend.

I'll be sure to post more about my orientation and the big test soon. Please check back.

Jun 6, 2006

Chicken Jo

I rescheduled the test last night out of panic.
I didn't feel ready.....I'm moving, Jerry's passing, Mom's Drinking. Just couldn't be good right now.
I'm taking it on June 26th. In the mean time, I must move by Friday and study my butt off while attending those boring orientation sessions the hospital makes you take.
I'll post later about the family drama that ensued at the all so fitting Redneck Wake this past weekend.
I'm exhausted from moving today.