Sep 18, 2007

too many sick people

I'm so exhausted today! I came in 15 mins early, only had time for a 30 min. lunch and left 45 mins late and me and my fellow office nurse STILL had stacks and stacks of charts on our desks.

I even offered to pick up my daughter and bring her back to the office with me to get ahead a little but my boss told me to go home.

I honestly think my Doctor has too many patients....and we don't have the man power to cover them all.

Also, I've noticed that the Endocrinology/Hormone biz has the highest maintenance type patients. I spent an hour on the phone today with just one couple....sorting out their issues with this and that.

Daily reminder.......

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At 09:02, Blogger Unemployed Nurse Jack said...

You traded one kind of busy day and needy patients for another kind of busy and needy, it sounds like. I hope things calm down as you get further acclimated.

How's A doing with school this week?


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