Jun 27, 2006

Take the NCLEX....Check

Well it's done.

It shut off at 75 questions. For ya'll already educated in how the NCLEX works, that could mean I did really good or really bad. I either proved my competency by the minimum 75th question or proved my incompetency.

I feel awful...There were drugs I never heard of.....4 right answers.....more educated guessing then I would have liked. Too many Cardiac questions....I hate Cardiac!

To celebrate it being over (I hope) me and Ari grabbed some pizza at our favorite dine-in Pizza joint that has little flat screen TVs at every booth. She loves that place. Got me some Gelato afterward as well.

Nothing like drowning your worries in Gelato. Or maybe your triumphs. (Fingers crossed)

I'll post on Wednesday and let you know whether or not I passed or failed. I know at this point I can't honestly say I feel confident either way.

That test was soooooo HARD!

Listening to: Jamaica Inn by Tori Amos


At 02:34, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck! Come to my blog and wish me luck when I'm biting my nails next month.

At 18:49, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you'll do fine, i am positive!

At 20:53, Blogger WI Catholic said...

Thinking of you today... waiting with you. Praying.

At 08:05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have no doubt that you passed!

At 14:47, Blogger Jaxia said...

I'm sure you were wonderful! I'll keep my fingers crossed :)

At 17:53, Blogger Milliner's Dream, a woman of many "hats"... said...

I've heard it tracks what you do well on and what you don't--and asks more on the things you get wrong. Ick.

I dread it next year!

Best wishes!



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