Jun 24, 2006

Success or Failure

(I'm Artistically disabled)

I'm posting this for all the students I know occasionally read this blog.
I've been studying my big tail off this past week for the
I'm using 2 methods.
The Kaplan, for which I paid $350 for the online quizzers, the 4 day course and book.
Also I'm using the
Saunders, which cost me $50 at Barnes and noble and came with a CD with a study guide and quizzer.

Now According tothe Kaplan, I'm doing TERRIBLE. I'm passing the quizzes at 60-70%. (Still passing in the NCLEX world)
According to the Saunders, I'm doing FABULOUS, passing the quizzes at about 85-90% rate.

So how do I judge how prepared I am for the boards?

Not that it actually matters, I will not re-schedule again. I am taking this thing come hell and high water and no entity on earth will keep me from getting this thing over with.

Now going by websites and hearsay, I have heard that the Saunders was a better way to study for the boards. I regret giving my money to Kaplan. (
see previous post)

The Saunders quizzes make more sense, the ones I get wrong make sense after reading the explanation.

The Kaplan ones I get wrong, I could argue and win and I don't think their methods of "testing strategy" alone is gonna get me to pass. You still have to have that knowledge.

So anyhoo, that's my vent. I'm sure I'll be fine. I'm not panicking .....Yet.

After all, No one from my graduating class has failed yet, even the handful I thought might fail has already sent out the announcement that they have passed. I had better grades then them.
The odds are in my favor, right?

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At 14:49, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am exactly where you are. I take the NCLEX next month here in CA. I am already nervous unfortunately

I have the big blue Saunders book, and I plan on using it to study. It seems pretty comphrensive.

Aside from that, I have never met an RN that didn't feel like they bombed the NCLEX-RN directly after taking it, so I am expecting that same reaction in myself.

At 16:27, Blogger overactive-imagination said...

Yep, Odds are in your favor for sure. I think you're going to do great. I can't wait to read your happy post when you pass with flying colors.

At 18:42, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jo, Good luck on the test. I'm thinking sooner than later for myself too, just to shake off the anxiety.

At 19:35, Blogger Unemployed Nurse Jack said...

Crossing fingers for you. You will do fine - you strike me as one sharp cookie.

I have to buy the Saunders book for my Fall semester. I think it's going to make me anxious just looking at it, and I don't take my boards for over a year.

Good luck, J!

At 19:44, Blogger WI Catholic said...

Jo, You will do fine. Of that I have NO doubt. But I will pray for you that you can be rested and at ease when you take it.

God bless!

At 22:43, Blogger Cass said...

You will pass! Just practice practice practice those test questions and it'll be a cake walk for you. There will be a happy posting on here soon when you pass :)

At 23:02, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you'll do fine. look at it this way. if your performance on the kaplan is still passing on the real test, you're in much better shape then you let on. :) good luck and be confident that you *will* pass!

At 17:06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck on the test. I have been reading your blog for about 3 months. I live in central Texas and am a mother, wife, grandmother, and public school teacher. I get nervous before my kids take the TAKS test too, but its seems you are well prepared.

At 17:54, Blogger Milliner's Dream, a woman of many "hats"... said...

Thanks--I'll get Saunders!


At 11:33, Blogger Hillsey said...

I took the Kaplan COurse in Class and had the online questions. I took the NCLEX yesterday and I still feel like I didn't do well or maybe I did I have no idea. Kaplan teaches you ways to come to the right answer, which is helpful however I was doing terribly on the quizzes. so I don't know what to think, hopefully I passed and all this test anxiety can be relieved for a little bit ot at least until I go back to school...ahhhh

At 16:32, Blogger CharterJames said...

I was briefly involved with Kaplan's effort to provide "No Child Left Behind" tutoring in the New York City Public School System. As a consequence, my regard for Kaplan is next to zero.


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