Sep 21, 2007

Work, Kid, and iphone!

Work is getting better. Next week, My Doctor is out of town and my fellow RN is taking time off so I get to run the helm by myself for 4 days next week.

I expressed some ahem...anxiety to Doctor about this seeing as I've only been there a little more then a month and I'll be doing treatments, seeing follow up patients, and answering all calls.
She's given me all her numbers...cell, pager...and has encouraged me to text message her with any small questions.

I hope I do OK.

Ari's doing better about school and she's getting adjusted to the idea that this whole school business is not an option or temporary.
She's been getting reprimanded a lot more then last year for "Not paying attention or talking".
They use the Green light system where they have a clothespin on on Green at the beginning of the day and it can be moved to Blue(OK), Yellow(OOPS), Orange(Uh OH), Purple (Trouble) or Black (BIG Trouble).
She's averaging around green and blue and has gotten to Yellow once. A report is sent home daily but she's been honest with me about her "color" when I pick her up.
Another adjustment she's made has been homework. She didn't have any last year besides reading assignments that we could do at our leisure but this year she has daily homework all due on Friday and it;s been hard to get her to sit down and do it all.


At 02:31, Blogger Posh Mama said...

Sending you lots of hugs and wishes that Ari will stay in the green and the blue going forward. Keep up the great work Mama! :)

Much love, xoxo-pm


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