Jun 29, 2008

Good Bye

Dear Reader,

I am no longer Blogging. You are welcome to stay and read my previous posts, I hope you find them entertaining/interesting/informative.

My reasons to quit Blogging are varied...... I simply have no time, I have nothing to say, I'm an RN working in a close nit clinic and there could be privacy issues, also I'm in a different place in my life right now and simply don't need the blog like I used to.

I've made a few friends doing this blogging thing, and I still visit their sites from time to time. Check out my links to see who I read.

I may be back one day, Thanks for reading.



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At 20:28, Blogger Windfall Woman said...

I miss you. Hope you are well.

At 11:15, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 20:27, Blogger Unknown said...

I've been looking for nursing blogs and found yours. If you ever get the 'blog' bug again and want to provide a guest post, I would love to have you!


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