Sep 16, 2007

Culture shock & Nursing Voices

There's something of a culture shock with my new job.

I'm learning to get used to working with patients with insurance and money.
None of that at the hospital I worked at before.

I'm having a hard time with my compassion meter when the housewife soccer Mom with the Husband, Lexus, 2 perfect kids from the nice side of town calls me to complain that her Thyroid medicine is not "high enough" for her to keep the pounds off and that she's OK with the heart palpitations and insomnia if it means she won't get fat.

I just have a hard time not thinking about my former homeless patients with nothing who were just trying to keep their kidneys working or their lungs moving.

I keep my mouth shut and feign sympathy. I still like it though...way better then other patients throwing punches at you!

Calling all Nurses, Student Nurses, Wannabe Nurses, or People who just like Nurses!

I have it linked on the sidebar!

I've been spending a lot of time there lately!

If you want to meet a great group of nurses and you are in the medical field (or just want to hear what nurses have to say)

Then check out the Nursing Voices Forum!

Hey Nurses! if ya got the time, also check out to find that dream position you've been waiting for. OR... Maybe....just to tweak your resume, check out a great deal on Danskos, or just read a good article. I checked out this site in great detail when I decided to leave the Hospital.

I do love the forum, it's picking up steam with posts and I haven't been apart of something like that since shortly after Mike died. Then...I was a regular on a young widows site. I felt I had to move on from there. No Reason to do that at Nursing Voices though! Great group of gals over there, lots who are fellow bloggers as well.

If you decide to register and join, please tell em Jo over at Coffee and Conversation sent ya!

(Yeah...there's sorta a contest goin on....shameless maybe.....but the prize is an iPhone! Oh and a second iPhone will be awarded to the person who registers and says I referred them IF I win....sweet! )


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