Dec 13, 2005

Blogging etiquette

Well it's over, three semesters down, one more to go. I feel really good. Made an 88 on the final today. Not too shabby considering I pretty much only studied yesterday for it. I was a total slacker all weekend. Eye issues, sinus issues, laziness issues all the reasons I was a slacker. Call it end-of-semester-burn-out or nursingstudentitis. Looking forward to a month long break, making a little cash picking up shifts at work and preparation for what is going to be the hardest semester ever.

At the "After Final Bash" today I mentioned the existence of a medical blogospere on the internet to a classmate. She said she was aware of one in which I was familiar but don't read much anymore because I think the author is too petty and self-involved. (It is not one on my list and I don't read it anymore) Her response "I think anyone who blogs is self-involved" I didn't mention that I had a blog and politely argued that most of the bloggers I've come across write about their experiences, their opinions, their life. That's a little different then talking about the name brand clothing you wear, bragging about the masses of friends you have and the huge social life you lead (while having enough time to blog everyday) and all under the guise of being a "medical professional's blog." That's fine if that's what you want to do but I don't think it sums up all blogs in general. Blogs are a little bit like reality TV only better. You get to know the author like a TV personality with deeper insight that may even entertain & educate. I told her I read (often) a lot of really good blogs from a variety of professionals that really make me feel priviledged that I had ever found a link. I get the advantage from learning from others and other's stories. It's a new form a communication in a world where people don't really communicate anymore. I'm not going to say my blog isn't self-involved, it is and has to be, in a way. I do like to write more about my experiences in life though more so then about just me, what I own, and how much I may suffer.

Anyway Kim over at Emergiblog is spreading the word via Dr Lei and the NIH about how to represent your medical related blog and a questionnaire to answer readers general questions about said blog. Thought I would do the same, Thanks for that, Kim and Dr Lei!

1. Who runs this site?
This site is run by me, Jodi who is foremost a Nursing student in college working on my ADN. I've worked in the medical field for 6 years, first in a family practice clinic and then in a hospital as the Unit clerk and Clinical assistant. It's the same unit I work in currently and is an Internal med/infectious disease unit. (that does take oncology and cardiac overflow) I have the unfortunate and unique perspective after losing my husband to Cancer when we were both 26 years old. I really hoped (am hoping) to at least influence others who have faced or may face in the future, similar personal crises to realize that eventually life can get better and have meaning.

2. Who pays for the site?
Free by or It only costs my time however valuable to regularly contribute. I consider it time well spent and can be therapeutic.

3. What is the purpose of the site?
I'm writing for the entertainment and possible education of others. My hope is my readers either get a good laugh or learn something whether it be factual, learning how to cope in a certain situation, or jut learning from my mistakes. Life is learning, isn't it?

4. Where does the information come from?
My experiences as I encounter them, told with as much truth as possible while protecting the privacy of my patients, co-workers, and classmates. Not so much the privacy of my close friends and family. (sorry guys) But I try. I will also share interesting websites and researched knowledge I'm picking up while in Nursing school.

5. What is the basis of the information?
The basis and content for each post is usually determined when I sit down and start typing. It may be something I need to get off my chest or just something new I learned in school and I want to share it.

6. How is the information selected?
I'm thinkin' questions 4,5, and 6 sound like the same darn question.

7. How current is the information?
Each post is stamped by a date at the top which will tell when I've written it and as of that date all links and information posted were good ones. It you check and read my archives not all information and links may be current as I don't normally alter past posts.

8. How does the site choose links to other sites?
I like to research things so depending on the subject matter the links will vary from my favorite websites (ie IMDB) to ones I found googling for a specific reference for a post.

9. What information about you does the site collect, and why?
I personally do not collect any information on my readers, however my site reader will collect the location (city,state,country) and a sometimes accurate duration of time spent on the website. Although it occasionally intrigues me that someone from Singapore was reading my blog for 9 minutes it is not something I obsess over nor would utilize for any purpose.

10. How does the site manage interactions with visitors?
Through comments and my comments back. This creates sort of a message board for each topic. I enjoy each and every comment and encourage more even if you have nothing more to say but just "Hi, Have a nice day." But I know many have just enough time to read and not enough to post's cool either way.


At 07:27, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for participating! I've added you to the honor roll.

At 10:20, Blogger Jo said...

Thanks to you for the idea!

At 19:00, Blogger Andrew said...

What an outstanding description of blogging and why we blog. I will probably end up quoting it somewhere and crediting you for it, of course.

And congrats on the final! Woo-hoo!!


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