Sep 21, 2007

Nursing voices/Jobs

I just want to post again about the contest over at Nursing Voices . You see, it's a Nursing Forum where Nurses and other people of the medical profession cal leave messages for each other about Nursing stuff and others. There's different categories to post under so it doesn't have to be specific to just nursing. The highest post this month (Until Oct 15th) and those who make mention in their blogs wins an iPhone. A second iphone goes to the person who named the winner (Hopefully me! ha ha) as the person who referred them. So tell them I sent ya!

Now for you nurses out there looking for jobs, a good resource would be to head over to NursingJobs .

It's worth a look!


At 08:55, Blogger cmz said...

Thanks for the info on Nursing Voices Jo. I put you down as my informer, sponsor, referral, reference..whatever they call it now. Good luck with the iPhone!


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