Nov 2, 2005

Wonderful world of Pooh, an analysis

I've been wanting to write about Winnie the Pooh and friends since I took Intro to Psychology a few years ago which happen to coincide with Ari being about 2 yrs old and was real big on watching Winnie the pooh. I discovered then while watching an episode with Ari that the characters, all of them, suffer from some Psychiatric disorder. I had to do some research figuring that the author of the stories A. A. Milne had to have minored in Psychology or something. Turns out he was just a writer/editor, had once worked under H.G. Wells, and had a son named Christopher. So today, I wanted to, for kicks, do a break down of the characters and try and figure out what disorders each had. Feel free to comment and add to it if you like.

1. Winnie the Pooh- Well besides being a little intellectually delayed he also a compulsive eating disorder and also has a moderate compulsive obsession related to honey. That must be how he comforts himself when times get stressful like when he thinks about the Heffalump.

2. Roo- There's not too much to analyze about Roo except for maybe his co-dependent relationship with his mom, Kanga. They seem to be the only two in this world with any rational thinking processes. (although I could see Roo steering off the path in a Norman Bates kind of way.) That falls under a borderline personality disorder.

3. Eeyore- My favorite character even though he is the reason I started thinking about this in the first place. Eeyore obviously suffers from Severe Depression and self-loathing, but nothing a little Prozac or ECT wouldn't help.

4. Tigger - He has a Bipolar disorder, without a doubt. He cycles rapidly (Cyclothymia) as evidenced by his impulsive behavior and occasional word confusion.

5. Rabbit- Where do I start. Obsessive compulsive disorder with a secondary Narcissistic personality disorder. He gets very agitated when things are unorganized and out of routine and he thinks he's always right.

6. Piglet- Very sweet little guy but could definitely be helped with some Xanax from time to time. This one suffers from Generalized Anxiety disorder.

7. Christopher Robin- Last but not least,on the surface you might think of him as the most sane as he comes in and saves the day and gives rational thought to every dilemma, However I have analyzed him with having the worst type of disorder. He has Schizophrenia. As he has frequent delusions and hallucinations that his stuffed animal friends are real and talking to him.

That was fun, if you don't believe me just catch an episode on the Disney channel sometime.
...anything to add?
I got a lot of my Psychobabble from this site.

My Best friend sent me this link. Those darn Canadians thought of this first. Although their analylsis is different then mine, They get a little too in depth as I was just looking on the surface. Go fig, At least I wasn't the only one to notice.


At 16:02, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jodi, I love this! LOVE IT!

At 00:29, Blogger Jo said...

Thanks WW
If I were a doctor, I'd publish my findings and become famous. heehee

At 12:38, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Forget the Canucks, you did one hell of a job with this. if your prof didn't give you an A on this, he/she needs to find another line of work.

At 19:54, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow,good analysis! Great blog.

At 23:02, Blogger Jo said...

Thanks ya'll. I meant for it to be funny, hope it was. Sometimes I can't tell when I'm funny.

At 23:44, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yours was amazing! Of course I could agree with all of teacher brought this up to me a few years ago. Well I was just doing some research for my paper for General Psych where we pick a fiction character who has some sort of disorder and this has helped me a lot! Now, all I have to do is pick a character!

Excellent job!!

At 00:31, Blogger Jo said...

Glad I could help. Please post again and let us know your grade and what charecter you picked. I would pick Rabbit for his multiple issues, or Pooh for his note-worthiness.
Good Luck!

At 23:59, Blogger Millie said...

Great analysis! Although I would also say that tigger has ADHD as well as bipolar. :)


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