Oct 19, 2005

Jodi needs.....

Ganked this idea off someone else's blog...too funny.

Go to Google and type in "(your name) needs" and see what you get back.

Jodi needs: (in order of appearance)

A weblog (got it, duh!)
Deliverance from lust, unforgiveness and mental attacks (Google's spying on me)
A trainee hairdresser (Even a trainee couldn't mess mine up)
Help (goes without saying)
Someone experienced to work with her (heehee...what kind of experience?)
To drop 60 lbs (No kidding!)
A ticket to ride (anywhere will do)
Needs to be represented by a Jodi (huh?)
A hug (a safe bet)
A computer (nah, mine's good)
A change (a little changy changy is good time to time)
A man (always taking applications)

Try your name and feel free to comment with the results!


At 06:32, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was really funny!!!! Thanks for sharing.

At 17:32, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thats funny...i got to your page by typing in my name (Jodi of course)

hehe...good luck with your studies.

-Another Jodi


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