Oct 26, 2005

PDA issues, stepdad, and field trip

Big day today! I was fortunate enough to go along on my daughter Ari's field trip today. It was to an educational farm that had a bunch of farm animals. It was fun. (Yes, there is a hint of sarcasm in my typing) Seriously though, Ari had a pretty good time. It was kind of lame though for us. My mom used to own 30 head of cattle. Ari had grown up going to zoos, and well, seeing cows and chickens just wasn't that exciting. They made us sit through an "educational" video before touring that was a complete waste of time. It was basically the founders begging for money and showing us pictures of the exact animals we were about to see right after. I really thought we were going to a functional farm but it was an educational farm started by a retired teacher/principal. I suppose it wasn't worth the $8 for me and Ari. It could've been neat to anyone who has stayed a secluded city person, hard to do even here but this city is surrounded by rural and if you grew up here like I did chances are you knew someone with a farm or ranch.

My PDA is spazzing out on me today, the worst day to do this as I have clinicals tomorrow and I really need it. I use it a lot at the hospital. I let the battery die on it, charged it, turned it on, and all of my medical related software was gone! I tried resynching and have been having issues ever since. UGH! If anyone out there is even close to a PDA expert and has a Palm, please help, I need advice!

My stepdad, Jerry and my Mom need good thoughts and prayers. Jerry had a seizure the day before last. Turned out to be an electrolyte imbalance (his Na and K+ were low in the ER) . He's still on tube feedings and has lost the will to even to those. He's on a downward spiral. I'm worried about him and Mom.


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