Oct 16, 2005

Tx Ren fest

Some guy flirting with Cathy

Ded Bob

Cathy and Michael
Spent yesterday at the Texas Renaissance Festival in East Texas. I actually haven't been in about 7 years (I know because Mike was with me the last time) I used to go almost every year before that. Started going my sophomore year in high school, we'd even go in "garb." It was pretty much the same as it's always been, much larger though.Didn't go in garb this time.
We sat through the Ded Bob show. Still one of the funniest there. He actually came up and flipped up Michael's hat because he was being obnoxious and I think he noticed his "Nobody knows I'm Elvis"shirt. Then he pulled the girl behind us onto the stage.
I brought home a t-shirt, floral crown for Ari and some Devonshire incense (It's the best kind of incense). All and all I was pretty proud of myself for not spending too much money. Next year I'll bring Ari. She would've been hard to handle this year and I'm sure a few hours in would've been begging me to carry her. I noticed though that they had a lot of kids stuff (Never noticed that before) and she would enjoy it. Would love to camp there sometime too.
Enough playin around...Gotta study now, Test on Tuesday.


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