Oct 13, 2005

Ari update and pediatrics

I had my first parent teacher conference yesterday. Ari's teacher says that Ari's strengths are that" she is so friendly and good-natured, she tries very hard and almost always puts forth her best effort with a great attitude. She understands how to solve problems by using words." She also noted that she "loves to sing and dance." and "has the best manners."
Our goals to work on are:" Increasing her small motor skills ie. writing and increasing her sight word vocabulary." All and all, it sounds like Ari is doing really well. :) She did tell me a story though that made me a little sad. During "family" week they talked about who lives in their home, the differences between immediate family and extended family. Each kid got to stand up and tell everyone about their family. Ari told the class that she lived with Mommy, Daddy, and that her mommy had a baby in her tummy. (For those of you who don't know me well, I soooo don't) Anyway, Her teacher said that after the discussion, she noticed that Ari looked sad and kind of "like she was mad at herself." (She hadn't corrected Ari knowing it's just me at home.) So she pulled Ari aside and asked her if she was upset by what she said. Ari nodded. Her teacher told her that it was Ok to have just a Mommy at home and that there are many different kinds of families and also in fact she had lost her own daddy when she was a baby too. She said Ari perked up after that. I think Ari was hearing all the other kids stories and just wanted to make hers more interesting, but it still makes me a little sad.
My peds clinical rocked today! I had 2 kids that were pretty sick but they were just so darn cute and oblivious to their illnesses that they just made me smile the whole time I was with them. I really loved it. I thought I would be so sad but it's like I forgot they were sick when I was assessing them. I really hoped I would like pediatrics, so knock on wood, if it keeps up like this I am definitely heading there eventually. I could work for my hospital for a year or two and coincidentally the new children's hospital opens in 2007. I could head there after. It would be great to pay my boss back for her flexibility and hone my skills on grown-ups the first year. Then I could move on to Peds after. I'm actually psyched about clinicals tomorrow......what's that gotta tell you?


At 17:56, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bless Ari's heart. I was an only child and did the EXACT same thing at show and tell.

At 18:13, Blogger Chriswab said...

Hi I´m Chris. Greatings from Germany Bottrop !!


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