Oct 6, 2005


My first day in Pediatric clinicals today. I have the luck of getting an adult patient. This patient had a developmental delay related to the disease and grew up in the children's medical community. Socially was on a young teenager level but all the meds, skills, everything was all adult and not much different from that I've worked with in the past. Sweet kid and nice family so it was a good day. I didn't mess up a thing, got praises from the instructor, and found out that tomorrow I have no patients. It seems that the children's hospital has a rule of only 6 students per unit and we have 7. Each day someone has to drop out and do "busy" work. I get to be the first to set the example. I have been assigned to pick 2 patients, the one I had is Ok, and another and find one issue or problem and solve it. Then write a paper about it. I have a problem solved for my patient today. After an onset of sudden substernal chest pain, I asked the mom when the last time the G-tube (Gastrostomy) tube had been vented. It had been 4 hours, needs to be vented every 2 hours. So we vented it and enough air and mucous to fill a very large balloon came out. The pain subsided immediately. This pt had never had a G- tube and didn't recognize the pain. So that's the problem I'll be writing up tomorrow.
I also found out that we get to rotate out of one other children's department. I got my first choice, ER! Yeah! I'm so looking forward to it. I probably won't get to do much but it'll be fun nevertheless. I'm always thinking up ways to visit the ER when I'm at work whether to find a supply item or an old chart they forgot to bring us. The ER for me would be like Florida, a nice place to visit but where I (no offense, Floridians) don't want to live. I'm not an adrenaline junkie and I kind of like routine with some changy changy every once in awhile.
Just wanted to update....no homework tonight so I'm vegging out to the TV tonight and enjoying this cooler weather with Ari. 76 for high today!!!! woohoo!!!!


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