Oct 21, 2005

Shining trailer and my day

It's remarkable how the right music and narration can make something so creepy and terrorizing seem so wholesome and sweet.
I found this link for a re-vamped trailer for the classic movie The Shining. It is way too funny especially if you've seen the film and know how it is soooo not that movie. I really did LOL and I'm not just typing the gratuitous LOL.
My clinicals went well this week. I had teenagers and discovered that I can be pretty cool with them too. Although I did have to wash lice out of one their head's today.:(
I also had a little one with a skull fracture who'd been there for weeks. He got to go home today. I was so happy for him.
But the highlight....I got to go to the PICU with one of my patients to have a very complex dressing change done under deep sedation. It was really cool! The wound care/physical therapist happened to be a girl I knew from my floor (PT covers the adult hospital and children's) So she asked me to assist. I got to practice my aseptic technique skills today and see what spinal fusion hardware looks like attached to vertebrae through a big hole in a back....way fun!


At 18:44, Blogger Nurse2B said...

Wow - that shining trailer is a hoot! Sounds like a good clinical day! Take care.

At 19:07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Please contract me directly:
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-JJ (aka Sonic Nurse)

At 09:59, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm in awe of anyone in the medical profession. I couldn't do it -- weak stomach.

At 23:05, Blogger Jo said...

heehee. One of the things that led me to believe that I could work in the profession. Watching the discovery health channel and seeing surgeries on that...without cringing.
I cringe though when animals have booboos. (Like on that emergency vet show) I can't really explain that.


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