Oct 31, 2005

Halloween update

Halloween was fun for us tonight. As you can see Ari was a ballerina Fairy (wasn't she cute?) and made out like a bandit with the candy. She filled her bag and we only hit 2 streets! We went to Michael's (Cathy's fiance') he lives in a really nice neighborhood (ahem, unlike mine). Michael fed us dinner which is always nice. After we hit the 2 streets Ari was struggling with her bag and finally said, "No more candy, let's go home!" Never thought I hear that from her!

Stepdad Jerry update: Still needing your good thoughts &/or prayers. We've found out that his cancer has metastasized (spread) and the new tumor looks to be rather large attached to his jaw and maybe has infiltrated his brain-stem. They are talking surgery and if he risks it, may have a chance, otherwise, he's terminal. My mom is having a real bad time about it. I keep telling her to hang in there, take it one day at a time, and helping her figure out their options. That's all I can do right now.


At 23:52, Blogger Jana said...

Your daughter is super cute!

At 23:03, Blogger Jo said...

Thanks! I think so...she knows so.


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