Oct 11, 2005

Annoying profs make a bad day

Soo Annoying. Our instructors are horrid about waiting until the last minute to tell us stuff. I get to lecture and I hear classmates talking about a lab assignment due today in Lab. I ask "What lab assignment?" They say "You know, the one on the to do list." I ask "What to do list?"
Well anyway, barely mentioned in orientation last week and buried deep in our syllabus is a to do list with a vague assignment of "Complete lab module 8". So DURING lecture I flip to it and all lab 8 consists of is copies of charting formats for the hospital we do clinicals in....samples. What are we supposed to do with that?! I ask classmates and they said they just filled them out hypothetically. Um...we already had a week a clinicals and did real charting in actual charts....What's the point?! I think this was a miscommunication issue. I would have asked the instructor only today's instructor doesn't do pedi clinicals so she wouldn't know.
So, remembering last week's assignment of finishing a computer pediatric med program in the computer lab (inconveniently NOT online so I could've done it at home) . It is due by Thursday in clinicals. Lecture was from 8-12, Lab was from 12:30 - 2:30. I have to be at the bus stop to pick up Ari by 3. My original plan was to do it in the 30 minute break, but before class I heard from 2 classmates that it took them about 2 hours to do it. ...so I leave lecture an hour early to finish with 2 of my other classmates who also needed to do it (Group was allowed). It took us an hour and a half and was full of crap questions with wrong answers and was totally outdated. (ie like asking about modified insulin which nobody calls it that anymore, Demerol which is being phased out, and the dorsogluteal injection site which is also being discouraged.) We run down to Lab to get there on time only to discover it's been cancelled! Argh! Actually I should say it's been rescheduled for next Tuesday which is bad for my plan B.
Plan A is I leave school no later then 2:30 and make it to the bus stop on time. Plan B, I get stuck in traffic and call Cathy on my cell to pick up Ari. Plan C- I've discussed with Andrea's mom next door if me or Cathy ever not there she agreed to watch Ari until I can get there. I remember Cathy specifically saying she works all day next Tues. and I wasn't worried because we weren't supposed to have lab.
On top of all the annoyances my garage door opener is broken and won't open at all, (I think it's off track somehow) I have an awful sinus headache and am also having terrible stomach cramps as I type.
Sorry for the rant...it's just been a bad day. Will be better tomorrow....I hope.


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