Nov 21, 2005


What is wrong with me?

Your 80s Heartthrob Is
Bill Gates


At 02:16, Blogger WI Catholic said...

Bill Gates? You like puters or money or ... geeks? lol

At 05:17, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It could be worse.......mine was John Stamos!

At 07:34, Blogger Jo said...

I'm thinking I lean more the geek way, but come on, Bill Gates?!
Jen, At least John Stamos, despite his Full House cheesiness, was and is (see recent ER) Hot.

At 11:42, Blogger Andrew said...

LOL. Bill Gates, huh? Go get 'im, girl! ;-)

At 13:15, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm going to think about this....and get back to you.

At 14:02, Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL! I got John Stamos too.


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