Nov 17, 2005

Funny chinamen

Oh my god,
I actually heard about this on the radio and I finally found it on my friend, Windfall Woman's's website.
I just literally fell off my chair with laughter, seriously, I did.
I really needed that although my hip feels a little sore.
Anyway, ya gotta see this:
Chinese students doing Backstreet boys #1 = "I want it that way" (?)
Chinese students doing backstreet boys # 2 = "As long as you love me" (?)


At 14:21, Blogger Darlene Schacht said...

ok, bummer! I am at a work computer with no sound, and I am dying to hear them sing the second song. I had number 1 on my site the other day, and I am so darn excited to see the second. Can't wait.

At 18:11, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks Jodi for the plug! I still love that!


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