Nov 13, 2005

Late night snacks and TV

It's 3 am and I am up and bored. At about 1 am I was all ready with my popcorn to sit down and watch High Tension (or Haute tension) , this French horror film I heard about, Watched the first 20 minutes and it was just getting going when Ari woke up. I had to stop it as this movie is supposed to be completely graphic and violent. Ari has a "snuffy" nose and a headache. I gave her some tylenol and she is watching cartoons as I type. I have no interest in "Dave the barbarian" so I'm blogging. This is one the of the sucky things about being a single parent and being the only grown up in the house. There's no one else to stay up with the sick child or run to the store for some children's sudafed. I could either take her with me in the middle of the night or just do what I did, Tylenol ( I seem to always have children's Tylenol on hand) for sinus pressure and wait for her to fall asleep again. It's going to be awhile because I just made her a snack of peanut butter toast.
I suppose I shouldn't complain, Ari is a perfect kid, I love her more then anything in the world, and I don't know what I would do without her. (She just reported "her head is feeling small better"...heehee) The memories I have when I was a kid that were my fondest was me waking up late at night. I never was a good sleeper. My Dad, always the night owl, would be up watching TV, he make me a snack and some warm milk and let me watch whatever it was he was watching. I can't remember all the shows but I do remember episodes of MASH and Three's company being among them. Maybe nights like tonight will be among Ari's.
This has been too short a weekend for me. Maybe me and Ari will go see a movie tomorrow.


At 09:57, Blogger Andrew said...

Hi, Jodi. I read the latest entries in your blog after you visited and left a very kind comment in mine. (Thank you!)

First of all, I enjoyed your blog. So sorry to hear about your husband. Best wishes toward your career in nursing, and it seems like you're doing a fine job with your daughter.

Secondly, I just have to say, your analysis of Pooh...was...freaking...HILARIOUS. And dead on! I, too, often deconstruct children's cartoons and children's stories. Recently overheard in my house: Guinny asking me, "So, wait. What you're saying is that Curious George is a modern-day trickster god?"


At 20:46, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I second what Andy said! Thank you for visiting my blog and your nice comment.

Oh, and I always keep tylenol on hand too, if nothing else in the house there WILL be tylenol lol!


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