Nov 10, 2005

A New day

Ari, 1 day old

I had a much better day today then last. I was in the newborn nursery today and I had a blast! All morning I assessed, fed, and rocked to sleep babies, Gave their first shots (not so fun I'm afraid, but I did well) Watched Circumcisions (again not so fun, but interesting), and last but not least, I passed my newborn assessment check-off with my instructor. She's proven to be kinda a hard ass so I'm pretty pleased with myself. There is soooo much to remember when assessing a newborn. It's not just counting fingers and toes and listening to bowel sounds. It's testing reflexes (a lot) and checking for hematomas and doing gestational age maneuvers. It's the first check off in awhile I actually studied for...and I had one day's notice. (I had volunteered to be first in orientation yesterday in hopes to redeem myself to the instructor for my childcare issues.)
As far as my childcare issues, it seems my classmate' s 18 year old daughter is not going to come through. I was hopeful but I didn't think she would, when I was 18 I couldn't get excited about a job that required me to be there at 6am. I had one that did, it didn't last long. So, I guess I'm just going to have to deal with the frowns and and upset instructor and maybe offer to stay late or something. I'll tell her Tuesday.

Ari and I are both off for veteran's day tomorrow. It happens to be my Dad's birthday who is also a Vietnam veteran. Mike was an Air Force veteran. Ari got to make a star for her school hall with Mike's name on it. We decorated it with stickers. Please think of our Veteran's tomorrow.


At 12:55, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awww, I think I'd like to work with new babys! That has to be a great job most of the time!


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