Nov 19, 2005

Oh Harry night

Yes, I was among the masses who attended the opening night showing of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Did I wear robes, glasses, and carry a wand with me? Nah, but I did stop at Walgreens first and stock up on a purseful of candy and sodas. Don't saves me at least $10 bucks by not buying that stuff at the theater.
I debated at first on whether I should bring Ari with me. The Potter books start getting much darker at the 3rd one and I was afraid she would get scared. She saw the 3rd one at home and although she was a little obsessed with the werewolf in it, it didn't scare her. So I figured, if it scared her, we would leave. It turned out well, she wasn't scared and there were a ton of kids in theater about her age or younger and none seemed scared.
Lord Voldemort and Dragons are pretty much the only scary things about the movie and they aren't realistically scary but more animated like scary.
Back to my point, the movie was good and true to the book, HOWEVER I didn't care for the directing. It's hard to pinpoint but the actions in the movie seemed to border on cheesy and almost slapstick, which doesn't follow the theme of the story. The guy that directed the 3rd movie should have done this one. That said, the ending was done well, as the ending to this one stands out as compared to the first 3. You Harry Potter fans will know what I mean, I'm trying not to give anything away to those who haven't read it.
I also have to say that Ralph Fiennes was an awesome choice for Voldemort, they couldn't have picked someone better. I've always liked his work.
I should start making Friday nights, Movie night for me and Ari. She has excellent theater manners. (My high school Drama teacher would be so proud)


At 14:50, Blogger Andrew said...

Yeah, I liked the guy who directed the third film, too. I forget his name, though. I was lol@"don't judge" over stuffing your purse full of goodies. As a man, I attempt that with a big coat, but sometimes, they check the coats at the door so I stopped. (Yeah, God forbid I should pay less than $4 for a pack of Rainsets.)

At 17:00, Blogger Jo said...

Isn't it against the law (unlawful search and seizure) to check bags and coats at movie theaters?
That's insane.
I actually go to a theater that has cokes in the 20 oz bottles, so thats what I buy and bring, My walgreens also has "movie" sized candy in the box, so they have no idea if they walk past me in the aisle if I bought them there or not.
I have a friend that brings Taco Bell...I won't go that far. lol

At 01:46, Blogger furyouhin said...

It's not currently illegal only because the movie theater is private property and by buying a ticket you are entering into a contractual agreement (i.e. "I pay for admission and therefore I agree to the terms set forth by the proprietor of this establishment). Very much the same vein as getting the patdown upon entering a concert or having the contents of your shopping cart compared to your receipt upon leaving Costco.

On the other hand, a place that does not charge admission or require a ticket for admission? Cannot legally detain/search everyone upon entrance/exit (they must have probable cause on an individual basis) so feel free to blow by the tag checkers at Fry's Electronics and Walmart.

<--Not a lawyer but spend enough time getting searched :D

At 02:21, Blogger WI Catholic said...

I could not judge, at all. There were only a few times that I took the kids to a movie theatre due to the cost! When we went, we did buy a huge refillable tub of buttered popcorn to share that came with one large refillable soda. But each child liked a different kind, so we had to also resort to bringing it in.

Now, I can afford it much more easily and if I take the grandkids, we get nearly the same as in the past, but they can have their own sodas.

The next one we are going to is to see Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.

At 09:20, Blogger Jo said...

Narnia-I'm looking forward to taking Ari to see that one. :)

Thanks Fury for clearing that one up. It makes sense now that you say it, it's still insane though.
Future ref. for those in TX, The north Austin theaters do not check.

At 18:10, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Ralph Fiennes is SO SEXY! I can't wait to see the movie. I was hoping to see it today, but missed it.


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