Nov 15, 2005

Job, School, and Breasts

(Don't ya love my title, hehehe)

I've gotten partial information back from the "make-up" test, The co-ordinator managed to get the first 2 pages graded and according to her, I did "awesome" on those first 2 pages. She's supposed to email me the grade sometime tonight or tomorrow. I've got labor and delivery tomorrow, so hopefully I'll get to help in birthin' some babies.
Just checked my email, and it's in, Made a frustrated and pleased I am. Ugh!

Lecture today was really boring. It was all stuff I knew for the most part, and worse I had to sit through an hour lecture on baby feeding. This is torture for us Moms in class who have plenty experience feeding babies. I tried breast feeding and then ultimately went to the bottle. As it turned out the Breast reduction (Bilateral reduction mammoplasty) I had when I was 18 was detrimental to my breast feeding efforts. I did try though for 2 weeks until Ari lost almost 2 lbs and I discovered after 2 or 3 hours of pumping and only getting less then an ounce that my breast milk production was scant at most. She went to formula at 1 week. ( I did pump regularly for another week and added it to the formula but my results were not worth it and depleting.)
Was it worth it? Well the reduction did wonders for my back and shoulders as back then, I was around 120-130 lbs, 5 foot tall and I wore EEE cup size bras. You can imagine how disproportional I was. So yes it was worth it. Did Ari suffer? The first week of me trying she did, but after, No. Knock on wood, she's really a healthy kid. She's 4 and has only had 4 sick visits to the MD in her entire life. (1 rash, 1 ear infection,1 case of croup, and 1 strep throat). Also, I found out researching for the link that new studies are being released that a breast reduction can actually decrease the risk for some types of breast cancer. So it all worked out.

I worked yesterday and for some odd reason, every time I work lately, we are totally understaffed. When I came on, at first, everything was good. I gave up my desk duty (I like working the desk, it's what I was originally trained to do 5 years ago) but I gave it up to another CA who is humongously pregnant right now. I start my vitals (14) patients and find out when I'm almost finished that the other CA was sick and went home. She never even started her vitals. So I have 14 more patients to take vitals on, Blood draw on a patient, A nurse had asked me to pull a foley and an IV for discharge, AND I had 10 Accuchecks (blood sugar checks) to do before dinner time all to do within 2 hours. Needless to say I walked up to every nurse and said "I am alone on the floor until 6 pm, vitals, bedpans, and accuchecks are my priorities, please do everything else yourself." I was running the entire shift.
That'll teach me to give up the desk, lol

Good news! I was waiting with Andrea's mom (Andrea is Ari's little playmate next door) at the bus stop and she asked where I take Ari so early in the morning. I told her about the daycare and she volunteered to watch Ari and take her to school for me! She even volunteered for free but I told her I'd pay her anyway. So problem solved! She said I can bring Ari by tomorrow at 6. Yay!

I'm going to finish with a quick movie review. High Tension or Haute Tension as it's called in French was really intense. (not trying to be pun-ny) In 2 words, intense and disturbing. That's it, if you like horror/suspense movies, go rent it. If you find it's too gory and want to turn it off, at least fast forward to the end, it's the best part.


At 18:38, Blogger Andrew said...

Huh? What? Sorry, I drifted off after the word "breasts." I'll have to return and re-read at a later time when I come back down from the clouds. :-)

At 09:46, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO Andy...You are too funny.

A 92 is great! At least you tried breastfeeding. My boys were breastfed and my daughter was bottlefed. (I tried for a week or two and just couldnt get the hang of it and she was hungry!) My daughter was just as healthy as my boys as far as not catching crud going around. Since Jacob started school we are all sick all the time. I also have a friend that bf her kids until they were over a year. They have constant ear infections and are always sick so I'm not sure I buy into the whole "your kid won't catch a cold if you bf deal" anyway lol.
That is awesome about your neighbor helping you out! That will be so convenient for you too!

At 02:33, Blogger WI Catholic said...

92! Very good! It really does not 'matter' that it was not counted, because you KNOW the value of your studying ultimately. It still hurts, though, doesn't it? You will be glad on your boards, though.

Keep on keeping on, you are getting nearer and nearer to graduation! grin.

Have fun with the babies. L&D can be very slow, or VERY VERY FAST, depending. My second daughter checked in by seven thirty and had the baby by eight thirty on her second child...her FIRST was just under four hours, with two pushes, no stitches, no epidural (she progressed to rapidly from 4-5 to fully dilated!).

I did not breastfeed the girls (for obvious reasons, if you have read my early Nov posts... grin) and DID breastfeed my son, and he did very well. But he had as many ear infections, etc as did my second daughter.


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