Jul 2, 2006

Thanks for all the congrats!

It feels good to have it behind me now.

My first day on the unit was Friday. There we start out with our preceptors as a "team". I was assigned to an RN and we had 5 patients. Three of them were going through DTs (Detox from Alcohol). That was fun!

I started an unsupervised IV with one stick. Yay!

Did most of my preceptor's charting...... Seriously

I love her. She's an older RN who's been there for decades and who also hates that we just went live with computer charting 2 weeks ago. She hates the computer, "doesn't get it", and let me do most of her charting for her. She REALLY knows her stuff though...This computer thing is just "slowing her down".

I got razzed a little by my co-workers for coming in as an RN. A few of the CAs asked me not to be mean to them (Of course not!) The RNs acted like they had too much faith in me. (I'm new to this....Help!)

All and all..it was a pretty fun day that went by really fast. I love being on the floor now and out of those boring redundant orientation classes.

Tomorrow will be more fun.....my favorite charge nurse is on. If he wasn't gay....I'd so be in love.


At 22:09, Blogger The new Third Degree Nurse said...

Congrats on starting your new job and on PASSING THE NCLEX!! Lucky you! I know you'll do great on the floor.

I'm struggling to even SEE the veins on my patients, especially the ones that are covered with tattoos. There ought to be a law against tattoos on forearms when nurses need to find veins.

At 05:48, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad you're off to a good start. Congrats on the IV stick. I'll never forget my first successful IV. It's a beautiful moment isn't it? :)

At 00:09, Blogger Andrew said...

Now it's my turn to congratulate you and welcome you to the wonderful world of healthcare. As you said to me months ago--and it meant a lot to me then--"Welcome. I hope you find the industry caring and compassionate."

At 03:08, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you own a pair of boots like that? : P

At 19:47, Blogger Jo said...

Thanks ya'll.

SR- No I don't have a pair of boots like that...but kinda wish I did!
Of course...I would sooo be asking for a sprained ankle.

Ive had successful IV sticks in the past....just not unsupervised. It was so perfect though I wish someone other then the patient had seen it!

3rd degree--no kidding! That and Freckles! Of course we can't ban freckles....and I would be in trouble if we did!

You are too sweet, hope the job is goin well for you!

At 21:19, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jo: Now that I look at that boot again, I can see your point...


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