May 19, 2006

The Boards and My new place

I take the NCLEX on June 7th!
Please be sending good "Passing" vibes on that day. I keep telling myself the last 2 hellish years can't have been for nothing.

The other big news is that for Graduation, Cathy and Michael are taking me to New York, NY!
I'm way excited. I have always wanted to visit there and I've never been. We are going to go see Phantom and visit all the landmarks. We go in September.

My new place.

Slowly moving in. I actually took the place Michael is selling because it was much nicer and he's letting me split up the deposits.
Movers come on June 23rd....I'm hoping to have all the non-furniture moved beforehand.
I'm excited and a little scared. This is the first time I've ever attempted a move by myself and I've been at my current homestead for 7 years. I'm one of those people that likes for change and routine to be evenly balanced but I'm very much a home body and don't like my stuff in chaos.
I just want it there.

Why can't we have been intelligent enough beings to have discovered molecular transport by now? Like in Star Trek? (Geek moment here)

Beam my stuff over Scotty.
Listening to: "Jumping someone else's train" by The Cure


At 00:54, Blogger overactive-imagination said...

LOL at the beam my stuff over Scotty!
I will definitely be keeping you in my thoughts and sending TONS of good vibes on the 7th!! Good Luck!
I'm sure you'll do great.

At 04:21, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the new place looks great! OH my god... That little girl looks so BIG!

At 09:44, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You will love NYC! Your place is beautiful. Congratulations! I'm glad you're taking the boards soon. Get it done and try not to stress too much. Tust me you know what you need to know and you'll do fine.

At 10:06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

so when is the housewarming party? :)

At 03:02, Blogger Milliner's Dream, a woman of many "hats"... said...

Congrats! It's a cute place and you have worked so hard...and gone through so much.


At 06:57, Blogger Andrew said...

Beautiful place. And I can't agree with you more about Science needing to get off its collective ass and developing transporter technology. It would put UPS and FedEx out of business! Moving would be nothing!

Good luck on your tests. I can't wait for you to join me in the healthcare industry. As interesting as ER (the show)? Nope. But you do get to look forward to the sick and destitute vomiting on you...and I "only" work in IT! Awesome!

At 13:17, Anonymous Anonymous said...

June 7th! So early. Used to take dem boards in July in da ol' days (said as though toothless). Had to sit for six hours over two days. You young un's with all you 'puters.


Most Excellent Luck!

You won't need Scotty to beam you the answers, though, just your furniture and the place looks absolutely darling AND I see a fireplace in the wall, lots of sunlight.

Lookin' good!

At 08:15, Blogger Nurse2B said...

Hey! Best of luck on the boards, will definitely be sending vibes. Beautiful house, too. Looks like things are going well for you.


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