Apr 25, 2006

All Good things......

My actual invite, sans pesonal info. The color is the same as our scrubs

In the past I had mentioned how easy and boring our "Management in Nursing" course was. I wasn't kidding....I made a 94 on my final today!
Add that to my 96 on my midterm, and 2 projects with 100s and it equals a 96 in the class!
It's about time I get an A, I'm tired of those darn Bs.

Speaking of Bs....I have my last unit exam next Monday over Renal, Endo, Burns, and musculoskeletal diseases AND
My Final is in 13 days.

Rumor is going around that it may have "NCLEX" questions on it and may cover topics from ANY POINT in our program.
That could mean that those kidney stones we covered in the freshman semester could ALSO be on this final.
I REALLY hope that's not true. It's hard enough to study the material we've crammed into our brains this semester....but to add diseases we haven't discussed in over 18 months would just be appalling. I'm all for being quizzed on NCLEX questions but not if it means Graduating or not. My review course isn't until after graduation.....and our instructors aren't known for their fair judgment in selecting test questions.
But like I said...It was rumor.

Things are really getting close now......as of today:

Pictures are in for the graduation slideshow
Invites are out
The class photo was taken and presented to the school (thanks to me)
Clinicals are over
My thank-you in the program is written & turned in
The applications are in
The fees paid AND
The job is secured

So what's left to do.....hmmm.....Oh yeah!
Study & Pass!


At 20:34, Blogger furyouhin said...

Hi there A student ;)

I could probably give you a good overview of kidney stones, damn things. Also, i did get that shot, so no lock jaw for me, yay!

Belated condolences on Roger's passing. It's always so hard when pets pass.

At 09:17, Blogger Nessa said...

Wow, allot done, not much left, except the biggy. Good Luck, I'm sure you'll do great.

At 12:04, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kidney stones: acute flank pain, possible hematuria, pale, diaphoretic and writhing in the bed in excruciating discomfort. Maybe vomiting.

Hydration, medication (narcotic, antiemetic and possible anti-inflammatory to drop prostaglandins and ureteral spasm)
Spiral CT scan of abdomen to rule out obstruction, strain the urine until it passes

There. One less thing to study! LOL!

Congrats on the "A" and the invites and all the celebrating around the corner!!!!!

At 19:53, Blogger Janet said...

Congratulations! You have worked long and hard. I hope you keep blogging after you get your license.

At 21:28, Blogger The new Third Degree Nurse said...

You lucky duck! You're almost there! When's the NCLEX?

At 22:38, Blogger Andrew said...

If there's one thing that kept me sane through college, it was this: I never stuck around class after an exam. I didn't show up too early for class on the day of an exam. I never took rumors about exams at face value. I didn't stop to chat after an exam because I HATED comparing notes with the other students. Listening to them recount their exam answers always convinced me I had flunked miserably. Ditto for showing up to class early before an exam. I hated listening to the other students cram and compare what they thought test questions would be. Look, if you didn't know it at that point, YOU DIDN'T KNOW IT. Discussing it two minutes before an exam will only serve to confuse you.

Good luck! You're going to be a great nurse!


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