Mar 27, 2006

Worst test in history

Today I took the worst test in the history of Nursing school tests. It was SUPPOSED to be mostly Neuro; CVA, aneurysms, Intracranial pressure, shock, Brain herniations, and it also had some cardio valvular disorders on it. MOST of the least 50%....failed it. Even our A students made Cs or failed it. The one girl I know who made a 90 (which counts as a B), said she got it by "lucky guessing". I made a 78.
One example of the questions (Not a real one) went like this:
Patient X is A and O x 1, P 60, RR20, BP 95/60 has no complaints of pain, Urine output is 35 ml/hr. Which of the following can be assessed:
a. Glascow coma scale 12
b. GCS 13
c. GCS 14
d. GCS 15

With poorly worded and vague questions like that how could anyone have passed?!

There wasn't one question over CVAs despite the 4 hour lecture over it, yet there were like 5 or 6 craniotomy questions of which we never covered in class and there's a brief blurb about it in our text.

In the test review after we all tried to argue these questions to no avail.....It was like talking to a bunch of stubborn brick walls. Today 4 instructors with Master's degrees in Nursing let a class of 46 down....big time.

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