Apr 21, 2006

Easter Weekend........

"A scary Monster with Fangs!"

Thanks ya'll for all the support on the loss of "Roger" last week. I really do have a wonderful group of readers.

I buried him next to Tristan and Edie at my Mom's last weekend. The Texas ground was rock hard and it took a water hose, several hours of digging, and some hauled really big rocks to do it.

It was in the 90s all week here....getting up to 101 on Tuesday or Wednesday. Today it's supposed to get up to 85...much better.

I would like to say that my visit to Mom's was supportive, nurturing, and special but it wasn't. Last Easter weekend was a special kind of hell. My stepdad is still actively dying....getting worse little by little everyday. But he's still breathing. I'm giving credit to the feeding tube (G tube) which my Mom keeps hooking up to feedings and water, regardless of whether or not he wants it. I did a little education to her about the dying process and how the GI system is usually the first to shut down but she wasn't listening. By yesterday's report, he's now hallucinating and becoming less responsive.

I also had some family drama (unrelated to the dying) while I was there. I'm not gonna get into the grimy details....let's just say, I know now how my mom....really....feels about me. My aunt didn't have to come to my place at all, and after last weekend, I didn't really want her to.

On a lighter note, Ari's birthday was a blast once we came home. My baby is 5 now! We made cupcakes together and brought them to her class. I also made little party favor bags for them and she seemed to feel really special for the day. She has another party this weekend with all her non-classmate friends.

Clinicals are over! FOR EVER! Last night I completed my last clinical day at the hospital. Ironically it was my busiest all semester. We did this "Team Nursing" thing, where we worked in groups of 5.
We had a team leader (Like a charge nurse) , 3 "patient care" nurses, and a medication nurse.We rotated positions for 4 days. Each PC nurse took 4 patients assigned by the leader, that means the med nurse gives meds for 12 patients. I was the med nurse last night. When I was Team Leader last week I was so bored, as med nurse, I barely had time to go to the bathroom, much less, eat.
It was a pretty dumb project since nurses don't work that way anymore (except maybe in psych, but during my psych rotation, the patients went to the med nurse for meds) 11 out of my 12 patients had 2100 (9 pm) meds. You legally have an hour (early or late) to give them.

But it was my last day....Yay!
3 lectures, 3 tests to go before graduation. :)


At 07:39, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a great blog! Sorry about Roger. I lost my cat in Novemember (she was 20 and I had her since she was a kitten). Angel is in my herb garden now.
I am related to your end of semester joy! I'm off now for the summer and I know how it feels. Relief!
Keep writing. I really like this blog!

At 14:11, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great blog! I enjoyed reading. I have been a Trauma Nurse for almost twenty years. Good luck to you...we are a special breed! Best wishes...

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