Apr 9, 2006


Soooo My stepdad will be passing away sometime soon. This is by my mother's guess and from her descriptions of his daily activities (sleeping, not eating, not drinking) I must agree with her. It's what my first semester Nursing instructor and Death expert would have called "actively dying". Which kinda sounds like an oxymoron but perfectly describes it.

So for support for my mom, my Aunt V, my mom's sister is flying down from VA on Thursday. She's flying into my "BIG CITY" because it's cheaper then flying into my mom's little city. She'll stay the night with me and she, Ari and I will drive to mom's on Good Friday. Too bad it won't be for good reasons.

My house looks like tornados hit it, and my Aunt is super OCD about cleanliness. That and she's super allergic to cats and dogs....which is why I haven't cleaned yet. I'm gonna have to lock the cats in the bedroom so I'm gonna clean closer to the time.

Her flight comes in an hour before my clinicals start, not sure how I'm gonna get her back to my house and then to the hospital in BIG CITY traffic in time.

Listening to: "Cry me a river" by Harry Connick Jr.


Monday Update!

Aunt V has decided to get a rental car and drive...Yay! I can take my time cleaning and I won't be late for clinicals.

My stepdad's still hanging in there.


At 05:25, Blogger Nessa said...

Harry has such a beautiful voice.

Sorry about your step-dad.

At 10:48, Blogger David Edward said...

i wish you well in this challenging time. praying for your mom.

At 01:24, Blogger Kim said...

Sorry to hear about your stepdad...somehow I missed that he was sick. My prayers for both your mom and stepdad (and you, too).

At 13:16, Blogger MomThatsNuts said...

Im sorry to hear about your step dad....we use the term "active" in hospice alot. It does seem like a bit of an oxymoron. I dont think they are going to let me be a nurse since I dont know where the sartoris originates and inserts...oh well, Im going back to stripping for the blind...


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