Jan 15, 2006

Home sweet Home

I thought that I would show you what I did today. It's been so long since my house was completely clean. Usually I tend to clean the front rooms and ignore the bedrooms but even they are finally clean. It's also a chance to show you my humble abode.

My living room, notice lazy dog on the cat scratched couch .

I also have tile floors, very easy to clean with 1 dog, 2 cats and a 4 year old.

Where I spend too much time and where I am right now.

Easter cat in my dining room, where the goldfish are. The goldfish

are named Dory and Marlin.

My kitchen. Notice I collect magnets from places I've been

and places my friends have been. I've got over a 100 on there.

My bathroom. Theme : Rose

My bedroom, also a Rose theme. I love my sleigh bed.

Sweet Ari sleeping in her nice clean room, a rare occurrence, a clean room

and her sleeping in her own bed.


At 20:21, Blogger Unknown said...

Nice place! I love your cat! One day I will make a page with pictures on it!!
Maybe when I'm done with NP school..

At 20:22, Blogger Unknown said...

P.S. your little girl is cute too!!

At 16:13, Blogger MomThatsNuts said...

AHHH come clean my house!!I wanna send you a magnet from AZ....send me an email....


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