Jan 12, 2006

Pre-school blues

I'm stressing out already! If this is what I'm like now how am I going to be when school actually STARTS next week?!
I met my fellow classmate and friend Jon up at the school today to practice our skills and sign up for time slot (with my instructor on Wed) for our mastery skills check off. We practiced (on Bob the dummy) Tracheostomy care and suction, Foleys, NG tube insertions and suction, central line dressing changes, and we talked about injection landmarks. * a Check off is when our instructor presents us with a scenario which includes a major nursing skill picked at random, a med dosing issue, and a mock injection or IV administration. We run through it as we would as a nurse using a dummy as our patient*
It really surprised me how much I have forgotten since spring of last year. I hadn't had many opportunities to use my skills in OB/Pedi and mental health and there were a bunch of little things that had escaped my brain.
Jon started telling me all the stuff he's done to prepare so far and along with the other classmates and their preparations I was left feeling quite a bit panicked. There's a quiz I need to print out and do online, videos to watch, fingerprints to get and send in, some more studying to do for the check off.
I snapped at Ari when we got home and nearly threw a plate of spaghetti across the room as a result of her whining. I don't like myself at this moment, I need to chill.
So, I'm going to do one thing now off my nursing school list and then veg out and watch my shows after. Tomorrow I'll make more head way.


At 23:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pace yourself. Make a list. Check one thing off at a time. You're smart. You can do it. And you will!

At 05:16, Blogger WI Catholic said...

Take it slowly. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Don't panic, just know that this too shall pass, and you will do fine.

Hug Ari. And then ask her to hug you. Then pick the one that will help you the most, and begin.

You have not much further to go, and you will make it. Don't go into panic mode. You will think you have forgotten more, and it won't be true.

When is the last time you did something fun for just you, or for just you and Ari? Find something you would like to do...and go do it. Something free and fun, like swinging in the park with your daughter, sliding down the slide... whatever you can find to get out for a short time.

Above all, one day at a time.

Love ya, and rooting for you!

At 18:01, Blogger Catepillar RN said...

I think I looked like that on many occasions during nursing school. lol. It is sooo EASY to feel overwhelmed with school, not to mention dealing with life issues after school! I FEEL your pain, I was in the same situation last January and I look back in amazement sometimes that I survived it without a major meltdown. The key to my success, from day one actually, was to TAKE THINGS ONE DAY AT A TIME and ONE THING AT A TIME. Remember to breathe deeply in between, you CAN do it! You are almost there! =)
Good luck and I will keep visiting your blog for updates. Hang in there!


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