Jan 7, 2006

Swift recovery

Doing fine. I'm VERY comfy on on Vicodin right now. My surgery didn't start until 12:30 yesterday (suffering without my morning coffee or anything to drink was miserable!)
I was discharged at 4:00. So it was a piece a cake. I was determined to be home in my bed last night and I was.
My sister and her fiance' surprised me with a last minute visit last night. They've been feeding and entertaining me.
Having a hard time sleeping more then a few hours at a stretch though. A combo of pain and Vicodin I think. My doctor actually gave me a copy of the pictures they took of my gallbladder. Unfortunately, they didn't cut it open to see the stones because they wanted to send it intact to the lab. I'll post it here later when I'm more clear and work my scanner. My doctor did report that one stone in particular was the size of a golfball.
Just reporting in, I appreciated the warm wishes and emails.


At 14:29, Blogger overactive-imagination said...

So glad to hear that you made it through okay. Wow! A golfball? No wonder they wanted to get with the program.
Rest well. Good to know you have someone taking care of you. I found when I was taking pain meds after surgery that a benadryl really helped me to sleep.
Wishing a hurried recovery for you.
How long are you off work?

At 22:20, Blogger Catepillar RN said...

May your pain be minimal and may you recover rapidly! I look forward to reading more on your blog, narcotic or non narcotic influenced state! =) take care

At 04:24, Blogger Kim said...

A golfball??? Dang!!!!!!! I'm getting upper right quadrant pain just thinking about it!

Glad to hear you are doing well. To paraphrase an old song from the 70s "...I do agree there are times, when a Vicodin sure can be a friend of mine..."

Keep on healin'!

At 05:22, Blogger WI Catholic said...

Sorry I missed your surgery and all. I had not been getting around to reading all my blogs. Do the swing and the slide thing when healed enough...or go to a matinee Narnia with Ari...or something easy on both of you.

And be good to yourself!


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