Sep 25, 2005

Whether the weather...

Wow! Talk about panicking. All of Houston and Galveston packed the highways for 2 days for which turned out to be no good reason. Even people in my city panicked as I went shopping Thursday and had to buy an expensive loaf of bread as all the cheap stuff was gone. There was no water, batteries, flashlights (still don't own one).
I wasn't worried but thought if I lose power for a bit it would just suck not to have any groceries. We didn't even get any rain. The sunsets on Thurs and Friday were beautiful with the clouds though.
My friend Christie's fine. She and her family evacuated, I'm assuming her house is fine too since they were'nt hit. My sister Jamie had some heavy storms but no flooding I found out through via text message. Her cell phone still doesn't work well.
So, that's over.
It is past sundown and 7:30pm right now. The thermometer says it is 98 degrees right now. It got up to 107 degrees today in some areas. I stayed in all day. Both me and Ari have a hard time handling extreme heat, that's just miserable. A cold front is due Tuesday and will bring us into the lower 90s, crazy huh? The only thing I like about summer is my birthday.
I love winter, it's my favorite season. I love sweaters and gloves and fires in the fireplace. Love christmas trees and shopping and the way being outside too long makes your nose red. Thinking cool thoughts now, maybe I'll influence the weather. :)


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