Sep 21, 2005

Test 1 & funky weight

First test of the semester was yesterday. I made a B, but could have done better. I procrastinated about studying for it. I'm an all or nothing kind of person and the fact that I'm not in clinicals or labs right now made me delay doing anything about it. I'm also hearing my classmates say they get heads-ups from their instructors so that's a little unfair. It didn't help that I totally missed last week's lecture. I get to drop one test for my final grade so that B avg. could stil change to an A avg. When I was pregnant with Ari I looked up everything and stayed as informed as I possibly could. I feel like this course is a review on that with elaboration on the really technical stuff. I can't wait to start my pediatric clinical the first week of Oct. and then OB/Labor and delivery in Nov.

I'm finally feeling like I'm pulling out of this funk I've been in. This time of year is usually rough for me but this week I'm feeling more focused. I get weird when I have nothing to do, you know what they say about the idle.

This past week I've been focusing my extra time into getting more in shape and losing this extra weight. I moved the treadmill from my bedroom to the living room, where it was, it was "out of sight. out of mind", now I may use it more. I need to act now before I get any older, the more the clock ticks the harder the weight will be to take off.

Ari's student teacher put together a class book with pictures, we got it today. Some of the pics were taken with her own camera on picture day. I was there with Ari on picture day and was in a couple of pics. It took me a minute to recognize myself, I don't look like the me I see in those pictures, I look much worse.
So I am going to be even more proactive about my weight and also schedule a MD appt. to see if she could offer up any help or advice as well. Wish me luck.

Also throw some good wishes my Mom's way. She developed a lump in her breast and is possibly having a biopsy today. I spent a couple hours last night researching all the possibilities besides cancer. It's actually a good thing that my mom has a history of developing absesses in her underarms and that's what I'm thinking this might be. The charecteristics of the lump don't match cancer. Throw some good thoughts her way anyway. She'll need it especially since she has a fear of needles.


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