Sep 22, 2005

Evil Rita

As if Texas hasn't had enough trouble the past few weeks, hurricane Rita is now barreling toward the Texas coast. I can't get ahold of Christie,(she lives 20 minutes north of Galveston) so Christie, if you left early, have internet access and are reading this....Please call me! Your cell phone is not working. Christie and her husband Charles have 2 boys, I'll pray your home is unscathed.
My sister's north of Houston in Conroe. She may be coming here as she lives on a lake and the flooding is bound to be extensive. She was supposed to wait until Friday to leave but I'm thinking she needs to leave today.
I really hope it's died down if it hits here. We are very much inland, so there won't be a New Orleans situation here but I worry about the bad flooding and tornados. My yard floods in the usual summer storms even though we live on a big hill. I think our hilly area may help us though if a tornado spins off. My plan today is to go grocery shopping, I'm going to pick up supplies, just in case of a power outage. I don't even own a flashlight, or at least one that's not attached to a keychain. I'll get some bottled water and batteries for my radio too. Cathy, me and Ari will stay in all weekend and play board games. Jamie and her boyfriend too if they have to evacuate.

Mom update: Mom saw a surgeon and her lump is being perceived as an abscess. He decided not to biopsy for fear of the intense pain it would cause her. Antibiotics and measuring it's size is the plan for now. She follows up on Monday. Cancer's not even the issue. :)


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