Sep 6, 2005

Free time and Tristan-wa

Well, school started for me, but not as I expected. It's my fault because I assumed it was going to go a certain way, and you know what they say happens when you ASS-u-me. I thought I was going to immediately get Ob rotations and pedi rotations over and done with early in the semester (5 weeks each) and then have a lot of free time right before the holidays. It was the other way around. I have a ton of free time, one lecture/lab day a week on Tues, and then nothing else until October...then I get down to business. All revved up with nowhere to go. Oh well, I have assignments and tests to study for still, just 6 days of space in between.
The cats in my house are cursed. Edie earlier this year, now Tristan who is suffering from what we (me & Cathy) think is Lymphoma has this past week taken a turn for the worst. She will be put out of her misery tomorrow. Ironically, 4 years to the day, I buried Mike.
Tristan was Mike's cat. She was initially mine. Back in 1995, Jenni and I shared an apartment while our boyfriends,(Jay and Mike) were in basic training. Jay in the Marines, Mike in the Air Force. Anyhoo, she called me up at work at Jim's and said they found a kitten outside our apartment and it was freezing, and could we keep it. I told her "sure as long as it was mine" (she already had Zoe the cat). She said "Ok as long as you name him Tristan from "Legends of the falls". Turns out Tristan was a she but the name worked anyway. After Mike and I married, Mike who disliked cats all of a sudden found himself with a cat who bonded to him like glue. Tristan no longer wanted anything to do with me, she followed him around, sat near him, talked to him, and later came to know when he was about to come home. She used to pace the house for about 5 minutes before Mike was even driving down our street. (Even kept doing it occasionally after he died...Made me wonder).
She's become more loving to me since he died. I'm gonna miss her.


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