Sep 9, 2005


I mentioned, in passing, this blog to Cathy yesterday and she poked fun at me for keeping one. Cathy doesn't have internet and doesn't want it, so what she knows about blogs are what's she's read and heard from others.

It got me thinking about the reason I keep this blog. I've been using this particular site now for a year, reading back it's seems I mostly talk about nursing school and Ari. I know I started it for novelty, it sounded like a fun thing to do. It seemed like a good way to keep my out of town friends up to date on what was new with me. I do get a lot of hits which means someone is actually interested enough to read here and at the very least, it gives people something to do when they're online. My closer friends who check in here, definitely already know what's new with me but it gives them either deeper insight or cures boredom.

My family doesn't have a link, with the exception of Jamie, Jamie are you still reading? It's nice to occasionally vent about my family and Jamie usually feels the same way about my vents. It's not really to keep in touch with family.

I try not to bad mouth anyone, that goes for here and in real life. Anything I say here is always something I would say to the subject of the vent or have said. I try to keep in mind who may be reading this later and not to get too personal without compromising saying how I really feel. I've come across other blogs that tend to be all gossip and bad mouthing, I won't go there.

I know some search engines lead to this site so, maybe I'll help another widow realize that life goes on, maybe I'll help another nursing student realize they are not alone, or maybe I'll help another single mom learn from my dilemmas or mistakes. What it comes down to, I don't really know why I keep this blog, it just makes me feel better to write all my thoughts down for someone else to read.
I just wanted to explain it to those who think keeping a blog is "silly"


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