Sep 8, 2005

Psychic dream?

Oh my god!

I was just looking over my old posts and re-read the "Insane and scary dream" post below. Some weird things I just put together.

*In the dream I mentioned that I realized that everyone in it was dead

* There was a huge theater filled with African-Americans with a priest WAITING for someone or something.

* There was a massive crowd (Of people mostly African American) who surged in and pushed me against a banister.

*There was a telethon

Now here's when I mention, hurricane Katrina killed a lot of people, a MAJORITY of them being African American.

I think Mike was in the dream to show me they were all dead.

I had the dream 3 days before Katrina hit Louisiana, at that time, it was barely even a hurricane.

Really weird coincidence, or did I have a premonitory dream? You can decide...Talk amongst yourselves.

I don't know how the Hastings, Keanu Reeves, or fish nuggets work into it, any ideas?

I had a great Aunt who dreamt of the Hindenburg before it exploded and my Aunt Penny dreamt about a plane crash she was involved in beforehand. (she was unhurt, scary but minor injuries occurred.

All I can say is, It's been a really long time since I've woken up with such a feeling of dread.


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