Apr 3, 2005

I just wanted to start some movies I've seen recently that I thought were pretty funny.
I'm going to start with Harold and Kumar go to white castle This movie is so silly but was the first to really crack me up in awhile. I saw Without a paddle last night. It was cute, but again the studios ruined much of the funny parts by showing them in the preview.

Changing gears now, School's going really well. I can't believe I have only 4 weeks left! I had some interesting cases this week and my instructor has pretty much left me alone, without too much supervision. That's a good thing, that she no longer feels she needs to be there for every little thing. I completed my last cultural project with classmates Jon and Ricky yesterday. John brought his 3 year old son Adam over to play with Ari while we worked. It's really nice not being the only parent in class. In fact MOST of us are parents, some married, some single. Ari and Adam played well together, they both have the same level of energy.

Ari's birthday party is in 2 weeks and I have no idea what to get her. She's at that age now when every toy commercial elicits a "I want that!" So I can't narrow it down! I know one of her presents will be a fish tank, since she's getting 2 of Cathy's baby goldfish. (yes they were goldfish, not frogs, to our disappointment)
Only once they are big enough to move out of they're fishy nursery.


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