Mar 29, 2005

Playing hookie

I skipped class today for the first time since I started the nursing program. I have the worst sinus infection I have ever had and woke not being able to really open my eyes or move my head without pain. Went to see the doc today and got on some antibiotics, so I should be better soon. I know better then to let something like that get that bad but I was really hoping my body could fight the infection on it's own. I go see my doctor for asthma follow-ups so often, I hate going in there for anything else.
So anyway, I'll have to get the lecture notes from a classmate and just study that material a little harder. It felt weird staying home though, I really felt guilty, like I was going to get in trouble for it or something. Kind of makes me feel like I'm in high school again.......ah, to be in high school again. If I could go back 15 years with the smarts and the confidence I have now and be in my teenage body again, wow, things would have been way different for me.
Does anyone out there watch American Idol? I do, my own guilty pleasure. I watch these kids each week and live somewhat vicariously through them, I wish I had done more with my voice when I was younger. Anyway,If you watch it.... My two favs are Carrie and Bo, but Vonzelle actually gave me goosebumps tonight so I think she's third on my list. I hate Whitney Houston songs but she pulled it off. The whole reason I bring this up is, am I the only one who thinks Paula seems like she's high? I swear, she looked so stoned tonight. I hope for her sake she's not because I read she was put on probation for a hit and run and I'm thinking she wouldn't pass a drug test.
Poor Paula, It must really suck to be an 80s has-been thrown back into fame by being on a show like AI. She gets to watch these people become famous and do what she used to do. Hope she's getting paid well.


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