Feb 26, 2005

Better week

I had a much better week this week. I made an 87 on my test Tuesday and that was with very little studying. I passed my IV check off with no problems on Monday. On Thurs and Friday, I had the best, most cooperative patients ever. The two reminded me of why I wanted to go into nursing. They had both improved on Friday and through talking to them, made me feel like I really helped them. By Friday afternoon I had built a real rapport with them. Much better expierience then last week. This weekend I have to write up a proposal for a community nursing project. I've partnered up with my classmate, Jon and we are going to be doing a teaching presentation about Skin Cancer prevention. If we can get all the materials by spring break, we plan to hold it at Zilker park. So I'm off to do that. The not smoking is sort of holding up. I relapse every now and then but just 1-2 smokes a day.


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