Mar 13, 2005

Spring Break

Well it's spring break for me. I get to work 3 shifts this week and I've gotten almost nothing accomplished. I organized my files yesterday and have slept in as long as Ari would let me all weekend. Took Ari to see Robots today. It was pretty good, cracked me up a couple of times. She liked it. So tomorrow I work but not until 3, so I have a pretty laid back day. I plan to clean out my car before I leave. I'm way too exciting in this post. Let's see...I have a skin cancer prevention project I'm going to do on Friday with a classmate. We have already made up a poster and we will hand out flyers and sunscreen at a local park. It's suitable that we picked skin cancer, I'm definitely a walking risk factor with my easily reddened skin, European descent, and freckles. So make sure ya'll out there wear sunscreen and get those suspicious spots checked out, ya hear!
In the interest of posting something longer, I rented AVP; Alien vs Predator last night. Would have to say it was a big disappointment to me. I kept waiting for some big climatic moment that never happened and the predator was way too friendly. Anyway, My hair is turning orange again so I'm off to get it back to brown, laters.


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