Mar 20, 2005

Movies and back to the grind

Well, It's Sunday and the end of my spring break. I worked 3 of my days off, Did my community project with my classmate on one day, and did homework or vegged out the others.
The skin cancer project went well. It wasn't as busy at the park as we had hoped, We managed to talk to about 20-30 people. Some were appreciative and actually asked questions. Most really just took our flyers and free sunscreen and water and ran off. It's weird that so many people go out of their way to avoid strangers. Even if those strangers are in nursing T shirts giving away free stuff. I'm just glad it's over, and we can move on to our culture project. My project partner Jon is half Thai, so he's heading that one up. That's why I didn't mind doing the bulk of the work on this cancer project. He's going to get his Thai mom to cook a dish for it, she is 2 semesters ahead of us in the nursing program so I know she'll be happy to do it.
I thought about doing the project over my own cultural background but which one would I do?! I am such the typical American mutt. I have a strong Native American background if you look at my mom's side of the family(Blackfoot & Cherokee), but other than my grandfather taking us to reservations to buy moccasins when I was kid, there's no culture there. The only other thing is the German food we occasionally liked to make when my grandparents were around, but that's as German as we ever got. Well, besides a lot of beer drinking! If you break my ancestry down I have native American, English, German, Irish, Dutch, French, and Scottish in me. Really can't narrow that one down.
So anyway, I saw The Ring Two on Friday. Save your money on that one. It was not near as freaky as the first one. It didn't help that I was in a theater full of teenagers. Me and my friend Linda were pretty annoyed thinking it was a rated R. Later I figured out that is was PG13. Remind me to rent it next time. Teenagers have the worst theater manners. I really feel old saying that, but it's true. I really can not get really IN to a movie if people are laughing at inappropriate times and making comments throughout. In fact, for all I know if I hadn't been more distracted this movie might've been better. I remember once, when I was 16, my friends were 17, we tried to get in to the very same theater to see Flatliners. Because we were under 18 (It was under 18 not 17 at the time for rated R), they wouldn't let us in to buy a ticket. So we went to HEB to buy snacks and then we were going to rent a movie instead. In the HEB parking lot, my friend Megan wrecked her VW beetle. No one was hurt but the bug was totaled. I just remember thinking, if they had only let us in to see that stupid movie. On a side note, Meg was killed almost 2 years ago in a car accident. It's silly memories like that that get me really missing her most times.
Anyhoo, I should be getting to bed, I've been studying all day for a test tomorrow and I'm snuckered. Keep your fingers crossed that I do well on this one and the next one on Tuesday.


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