Mar 24, 2005


I am sooooo glad this week is over! I passed my tests with a 90 and an 86. Not too shabby for only studying on Sunday and Monday. :)
It's been a long week though. I am burning out so bad. I'm hanging in there but I have to hang in there through July, because I'm taking my Mental Health clinical/courses. Then, I will have some time off. Well, I'll have a little time off in May. Ugh...I'm just having a hard time dragging my rear out of bed some days. I'll keep going though, one more year, one more year,one more year.
I've been thinking about what my plans will be one year and 2 months from now, once I've passed the NCLEX and become an RN, I have a plan. That year, I'll probably be forced to move out of this cute little duplex in a really crappy neighborhood. Forced out because, My good friend Cathy who happens to live next door and happens to be my landlord will be moving out probably within the next year. So, I refuse to stay here without her. My plan is, after I graduate, to rent a house in the neighborhood I plan to buy in. After a year of working as a nurse, making way way WAY more money then I make now, I pay off my bills which cleans up my credit,established a work history, and actually buy a little house of my very own. I want Ari to grow in OUR house, not someone else's home. So, that's it, my intermediate term goal. That's why I drag my rear out of bed every morning.


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