Mar 6, 2005

Movies and Arthropod

I thought it would be intresting to show you Cathy and Michael's new pet. It's from Madagascar and it's called the Pill Millipede. A cousin to the Pill woodlouse (Roley-Poley, Pill bug, Doodle bug) Creepy isn't he? He rolls up into a ball so tight you can't tell where he's gonna open.
Cathy also had some new babies today in the aquarium, We can't tell yet if they are frog or fish babies. Sounds stupid but newly hatched aquatic tadpoles look a lot like fish. We'll know more when they get a little bigger.
As far as other news, I am seriously going to start writing more about the movies I see. In the past month I rented 2 movies, that I had forgotten that I had already seen. They weren't bad movies, Napoleon Dynamite and Troy. It took me just a few minutes to realize after I had popped it in that I RECENTLY saw them. I'm losing it. So I think if I write about them I'll at least have a log to refer to. :)
Again they weren't bad, I'm just crazy.
I saw Constatine last night. It was entertaining, if I were still catholic, it might've even scared me. I liked the theological aspect of it. It is centered around going to hell, I don't believe there is a hell, at least not like what you may think of as hell. I believe if someone's soul is tortured enough there may be a sort of hell like purgatory waiting for them. I also believe that if anyone has any "good" in them at all then they wouldn't deserve that.
So the very idea that if someone mentally ill was to commit suicide goes straight to hell makes no sense to me. My God wouldn't be that unforgiving, especially to the ill.
There are so many things in the catholic dogma that bother me.
Anyway, I saw Phantom of the opera a couple of weeks ago. I thought it was fantastic! I grew up living vicariously through my friends who had seen the broadway show in New York. I owned the soundtrack to the Michael Crawford version. They really made the movie do justice to the show, the show I listened to anyway. They made some forgivable changes but it was still really good. I've never been to New York, I'd really love to someday soon. Better yet I'd love to go to London also and see it there.
Nursing school news: Passing all tests with Bs. Got to give my first IM (Intramuscular) injection last week. Morphine! Went well, the patient didn't even flinch and I used the hip site. As far as I know her hip didn't rot off so we're good!


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