Feb 18, 2005

Crazy bad day

I'm having one of those days that started out really good and progressively get worse. I started out perky, ya know, optimistic. Got to the hospital where my instructor pays me 2 compliments....Comp. # 1 She thinks I was too bored yesterday and I am competent enough to take on another patient. Comp # 2 She doesn't have to check my charting anymore and trusts me to do my own.
Day sounds good so far, right? (By the way I did have an asthma attack when I walked from the car to the unit but I'm counting that into the later misfortunes) Ok, so my new patient I was so competent to handle basically had me running out of the rooms in tears (Of frustration, mind you) the first hour! Only because I had to hold his Blood pressure medicine because his BP was too low (as ordered). I tried to explain to him as nicely as I could that this was a legal thing and that is what the doctor ordered, and that we could call the Dr. But the man was irate and cussing and yelling so loud the nurses outside the closed door could hear him. After I paged my instructor (and waited in frustration for 45 minutes for her to get there) I explained what happened and asked if I could go ahead and drop this patient since he obviously has a thing against students. (He didn't say so, he was just way different with the staff than he was with me). My instructor, using the rationale that I needed to hang in there because this would be good practice for real life. So I made her come with me the next time to explain once again about the med. He was still mean with her just not so mean, and he didn't cuss. He was much nicer later when his wife came to visit.
Also, after getting out of there, later than usual, I had to run home and pick up my cat and take her back to the vet for a follow up from wed to get a Steroid shot. Her vet thinks her excessive licking is an allergy problem or possibly psychological if the shot doesn't help. I agreed to one shot but there's no way it's going to be routine. Way to expensive for an 11 year old cat!
Anyway, so now, when I've got so many things to do this weekend, (I have a check-off on Mon, and a big test on Tues) and tons of clinical homework (twice the patients, twice the homework!) I have to go meet some family obligations tonight and this weekend that even pulls me out of town to San Antonio. Ugh!
I picked a rotten day to go on the patch and quit the smokes altogether. (again!)


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