Mar 14, 2006


Drumroll please........Jodi's voice starring in it's very first audio blog.

I got the idea from Geek nurse. He's a clever guy.

Tell me what ya think.


At 17:53, Blogger The new Third Degree Nurse said...

Good deal! I liked hearing about your spring break. Mine is about the same with the research article on literature...I am still surprised we can't test out of Professional Development. For God's sake. If I don't this stuff after 22 years, managing 3 departments and starting a state agency from scratch, I must have been faking it for a long time.

I think you should record another one; your voice is so clear.

At 12:23, Blogger Unknown said...

I am listening as I type this comment.. This is very cool. I just may have to steal this idea! I can totally sympathize with you on the busy work!!!
Happy St. Patrick's Day from
The Nurse Practitioner's Place

At 17:48, Blogger WI Catholic said...

Enjoyed hearing you, and the Texas y'all at the end! lol


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