Mar 19, 2006

Spring break is gone :( & Cave pictures

I was going to do another audio today, but it's too loud in here right now. The "Fairly odd parents" are being way too noisy. Soooo.... Spring Break is over and that sucks. I did, however, get everything done that I said I would get done. I did clean my house and my fridge. I finished my Lymphoma case study, research paper, and my resume. I did all those things in the last 48 hours but Hey, I did it. Back to the grind tomorrow....Yet another Neuro lecture. I'm about to become NEUROlogically impaired if I sit through any more Neuro lectures. Me and my monster visited some local caverns today. (Yes! On top of everything else...we visited Caverns!) Enjoy some pics, with the high humidity, I'm surprised at how good they turned out.

The blue lights indicate the cave goes at least 50 feet more

The "Moon" pool and my daughter's head.

We are 70 feet underground here

The ceiling at one point, carved by an underground river

A Flow rock, water was gently flowing on it.

I love this pic, Stalagtites, Stalagmites, &

Limestone, Oh my!

I took this of a really deep hole...not sure what

the reflection is but could be Bat eyes...One buzzed me.

"Soda Straws"

The call that center formation "Draperies"


At 10:38, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those pictures remind me of Ruby Falls in Chattanooga, Tn. Very cool!

At 22:44, Blogger Unemployed Nurse Jack said...

I LOVE that place! I sign up to chaperone field trips anytime that's the destination.

Looks like you guys had a great week off together. Thanks for the photo trip through caverns, and welcome back to the grind.

At 10:32, Blogger overactive-imagination said...

Great pics. We visited there a few years ago. We also passed them yesterday on the way home from Disney. Had I known that's where you live, we could have made plans to meet up for lunch. Have a good one!!

At 15:30, Blogger Jo said...

Hey Dawn,
I don't think it's the caverns you think it is ..this is just a few minutes from my house in TX. No where near anything Disney.
My Grandpa's in Melbourne though so the next I visit him...we're on for lunch!


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