Mar 21, 2006


HESI : Health Education Systems, Inc:
"Health Education Systems, Inc. (HESI) provides critical thinking, computerized exams for nurses. The model described in Critical Thinking and Test Item Writing by Morrison, Smith, and Britt is used to develop test items for all HESI Exams."

My Exit exam was today, testing my knowledge from school and giving me a good idea of how I'll do on the NCLEX

Out of 1158 possible points, I made an 1120.... 97%
A passing score is 850

Which means I have a 97.58% chance of passing the NCLEX today.

So...Yay Me!
Listening to: Tori Amos "Sweet the Sting" The Beekeeper album


At 20:41, Blogger The new Third Degree Nurse said...

go girl! All that studying is going to pay off. May you have a painless NCLEX exam.

At 20:26, Blogger Nurse2B said...

Definitely YAY to you!!!! Kick that test butt!

At 23:30, Blogger Kim said...

The MINUTE you pass, let me know so I can jump you up to the "Nurses" section of my blogroll! LOL!

You GO girl!!!

At 00:45, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love love LOVE that Tori Amos album.

I can't even imagine the number of times I have listened to it!!

At 10:12, Blogger Unemployed Nurse Jack said...

YAY you, for sure. Excited to read you're nearing the end of your stint as a student nurse. Well, that and I'm jealous, too.

Crossing fingers for your NCLEX day!

At 12:27, Blogger overactive-imagination said...

You go Giel! Great job!

At 13:47, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a nursing student in MO and I was wondering the best way to study for the HESI exam!! I saw the score you got and I take mine in one week and would be happy to make a 950. If you have any ideas please email me at


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